When Steve Kantor founded Medical Solutions Supplier in 1994, his cornerstone was a commitment to “always do the right thing.” This core value impacts every aspect of our business. Whether a patient searching for help with a chronic condition or health care professionals seeking solutions to address patients’ challenges, you can be assured that each representative of Medical Solutions Supplier will provide assistance with integrity, professionalism and respect.

Our mission is three-fold:

    1. Patient Wellbeing – Medical Solutions Supplier is dedicated to patient well-being. To that end, we provide state-of-the-art products, at little or no personal cost to the patient, to improve quality of life.
    2. Education – Medical Solutions Supplier places a high priority on educating doctors, nurses, therapists and all healthcare professionals about innovations that can help patients receive treatment in a home therapy environment. Our compression therapy specialists seek opportunities to provide solutions for even the most challenging medical cases and proactively communicate to ensure that the needs of the medical professionals we serve are met.
    3. Service – More than simply providing compression therapy equipment, we act as a doctor’s liaison to their patient, ensuring that the goals of comfort and results are achieved. This personal service extends to step-by-step training on the use of this therapy, as well as careful and attentive follow-up to promote success.

Fulfilling our Medical Solutions Supplier mission is inseparably linked to quality relationships cultivated over years of “doing the right thing.” From connections developed with doctor’s offices or wound care centers to our vendors and even the community-at-large, we place our highest value on people. This emphasis begins at our corporate office, where each employee embraces the core value of doing the right thing while sharing the priorities of patient well-being, education and service. The Medical Solutions Supplier corporate culture is respectful and appreciative of its employees, who in turn are inspired to improve quality of life for those with whom they interact.